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Module #1

In this weekend module, senior DYC instructors Jessica OKeefe and Carla Rudiger will explore the many choices that teachers have to bring students to a more conscious state of awareness. As a Vinyasa instructor how do you draw the students into their own internal experience so that their lives become transformed?

Jessica and Carla will begin by looking more closely at the cues used to guide students with and how they affect a students experience of the asana. Jessica and Carla will breakdown what is known as “the vinyasa” and explore the many possibilities of cueing the breath and movement. They will then teach how to modify, support and develop strategies that help bring a greater sense of awareness and focus in a vinyasa style practice.

In this weekend session students will learn and practice how to instruct from a sensing/feeling place in stillness and in motion. Also, students will practice refining language options and hands on adjustments as we learn to create a clearer intention in both practice and in teaching. Students will spend time observing themselves and each other through a series of vinyasa sequences that include standing postures, Surya Namaskar A and B and inversions.


• Learn how to cue your students so that they learn about themselves deepen their sense of embodiment and begin to make their own more conscious choices on the mat

• Bring awareness and more sensitivity to your hands and ability to communicate more clearly through hands on adjustments

• Explore the breath more intimately and allow yourself and your students to experience the breath more freely

• Learn how to instruct from a sensing/feeling place in stillness and in motion and create a sustained attention throughout the practice

Deepen your teaching! 200 RYT teachers with a minimum of 1 year of teaching experience - but not interested in 300 Hr certification - are welcome to sign up for individual modules for CEU credit.

Participants must sign up at least 2 weeks in advance in order to complete homework prior to attending weekend session. In addition students must pass a take home test to receive CEU credit.

CEU Cost: $250 Per Individual Module (Sat & Sun) – cost does not include reading materials.

Reading material this session: Donna Farhi - Body, Mind, Spirit.

Email : 300hrteachertraining@dallasyogacenter.com.


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