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Mindfulness Meditation to Calm the Mind & Reduce Stress


~ Decrease Anxiety

~ Improve Concentration and Mental Focus

~ Balance Emotional Health

~ Increase Creativity, Happiness and Intuitive Wisdom 


In this enlightening class, gain the techniques needed to build a home meditation practice. Learn guided visualization and breath awareness to calm and center the mind to reduce stress. Learn several techniques of contemplative practice from breathing exercises, visualization approaches, and auditory applications. Create a daily meditation practice and integrate these techniques into your daily life, independent of and completely compatible with any religious or philosophical belief system.


All levels welcome; previous background in meditation is not needed to begin. Each class will include very basic yoga postures to soften and relax the body for meditation. Chairs will be available. 

Mindfulness Meditation : Drop-in Class


Sundays from 12:15 - 1:15pm.  

Taught by Elizabeth Conway 


Mindfulness Meditation ~ Sitting in sangha, ease into your week with a combination of guided meditation, chant or mantra, followed by a silent sitting practice. Geared toward the Vipassana lineage this hour long practice includes space at the end for questions and is appropriate for both the beginner and advanced practitioner. Drop-in format.