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Why Soma Yoga? by Carla Rudiger

Soma Yoga brings students deeply inward. From a neurological perspective we re-pattern, restore, and re-awaken places in the body that have hardened and darkened over time. Students leave feeling quiet, grounded, relaxed and connected.


Wouldn't it be wonderful to approach asana in that state of awareness? Extending further the principles established in Soma Yoga and applying them in the vinyasa class to the more familiar yoga poses that many of us have inhabited for years!


What if you were to meet the challenging poses in your practice with more ease? Wouldn't it free you up to move forward to even more challenging poses?


Or maybe the ease that comes with Soma Yoga allows you to be more emotionally available to the people in your life. Perhaps you might also experience more physical and mental endurance to invest in the things you love with more energy and enthusiasm and ultimately more presence. 


Maybe the work will give you the power to create necessary boundaries and remove things in your life that don't support you.


I offer this exploration to you and it's many benefits because of my own profound and powerfully transformative experience with Body Mind Centering and Yoga.


This work has allowed me to return to poses that over time I started to avoid because they had become uncomfortable, hard and painful.


As we get older, our movement choices seem to shrink. I often hear students use this phrase, "I used to be able to do that when I was young". As I've aged I've noticed that transition in myself, the awareness of things I used to do that I no longer attempt. It's through this work, that I feel inspired to return to all that I may have been avoiding, from a much more integrated, mindful place. Not to mention that life off the mat seems more fluid and I notice often how things fall into place more easily. Even my relationships have improved and I can say that generally I feel happier and more content.


Taking yoga off the mat and into your life is not an intellectual endeavor. It is one of embodiment. For me, the practice of Body Mind Centering and yoga has made the transition from the mat to life, flawless. Uninhibited and complete. Leave all the rhetoric and lingo behind. This stuff is real.


I sincerely hope you'll join me!


Carla teaches a Saturday drop-in Soma Yoga class from 9 to 10:15 and teaches Embodied Vinyasa Flow from 10:30 to 11:45. She invites you to join her for BOTH classes, back to back as a mini somatic immersion that would be available to you EVERY Saturday!