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Unlimited Yoga Only -  $90 per month!

Discover the power of yoga to change your life. Members of the Dallas Yoga Center enjoy over 70 classes per week and access to some of the best regional and international instructors in the world. Gain energy, strength, and confidence while reducing stress and melting away tension.
What is your health – mental and physical – worth to you? Make a commitment to invest in yourself this year and see what real yoga and real change can mean for you in 2015!

Take advantage of DYC’s new lower monthly membership pricing of just $90 per month!

This is a phenomenal value - with over 70 weekly classes and the broadest variety of yoga traditions and experienced, dedicated teachers in Dallas! We want to be your yoga home – and we invite come see the real difference DYC and a commitment to yourself can make in your life!

Unlimited Yoga. Unlimited Change.


(3 month minimum contract; auto-pay required)


Benefits of Membership

· Unlimited drop-in yoga classes - over 70 classes weekly offered at all levels

· 30 day written notice to cancel membership - after initial 3 month commitment

· One (1) 30 day suspension per year for injury/travel with written notice

· Hassle free class check-in and account management

· No enrollment or cancellation fees

· Special members only offers and discounts

· One (1) guest pass per month to share with friends & family - does not accumulate

Come see the difference DYC can make in your life!



Choosing a yoga center is the beginning of a whole new you! Whether it is your intention to embark on a yoga journey in hopes to find balance, wellbeing, strength, or peace of mind, we hope you will make DYC your yoga go to spot. For over 25 years DYC has been committed to helping students deepen their personal yoga practice and discover all the amazing benefits that yoga offers. DYC is here to support you on the journey.

Here are 7 things to know about DYC before taking the leap.

1. We Inspire

The DYC team of teachers hope to resonate with you and inspire you. DYC teachers are experienced, passionate about yoga -on and off the mat- and are here to inspire you to dive deep, stretch your edges and to discover more about yourself and the many layers of yoga.

2. Thorough and Enriching

DYC teachers takes students from all backgrounds and levels of experience and provides an yoga experience that explores the depths of yoga as a mind-body-spirit practice. DYC instructors are skilled at providing a foundation for understanding the fundamentals of both the postures and how to move through the poses. And DYC teachers offer rich well rounded classes that cover the full spectrum of yoga - including yoga anatomy, yoga history and philosophy and highlights of alignment principles.

3. Your True Passion

DYC is dedicated to helping you find your passion for enhancing your life through the practice of yoga. Our teachers teach based on who is in the class. They do not teach from a yoga script. DYC teaches you the basics of asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing) so that you have the capacity to practice at whatever level you are at and to deeply enjoy the experience.

4. Beginner and Regular Membership Programs

DYC offers students a wide range of beginner and advanced classes taught each week. For beginners, classes are spaced so beginner students can hopefully take a minimum of three a week and process and absorb the information into their mind and bodies. For all levels of students we recommend mixing up fundamentals with vinyasa and restorative style classes for the best experience.

5. Student/Teacher Ratio

Usually there are between 10 and 20 students in the class. We do not pack them in so you feel seen, heard and supported.

6. Community

DYC instructors see that it is important for you to feel that you will be able to connect to your fellow students. Lasting connections and friendships are often forged at DYC. We want you to connect and create community, not get lost in a crowd.

7. Follow up and Support

DYC provides support for the development of your yoga practice. DYC offers continuing education with workshops, advanced classes, a mentorship program and many ways to stay connected.


Testimonials from DYC Members:

“When I became a member at Dallas Yoga Center, my yoga practice was transformed! I had practiced yoga for several years, slowing growing in my practice, but limited by a restricted number of classes per month. By becoming a member of DYC and having unlimited access to the regular class schedule, I've been exposed to a depth and breadth of yoga I hadn't known before. After 2 years, I'm still discovering and exploring the instructors, approaches and styles of yoga that DYC offers. The extensive and varied schedule of classes always gives me options and allows me to find a class that suits not only my calendar, but my personal journey. And besides being a wonderful value (I love a good deal!!), every time I enter DYC I feel like I've come home. Lucky, lucky me! “

Melanie Voss
Dallas Yoga Center Member Since 2012

“For me, a seed of passion for yoga and meditation was planted in the 1970’s when I had the good fortune to study under Swami Satchidananda. Meditation became a central focus of my life but I took a break from yoga to rehabilitate from an accident, raise my family and pursue a career. Apparently that seed continued to germinate until 10 years ago when I unfurled a shiny new mat at a local studio. I quickly learned that, in Dallas, serious practitioners of this 5,000-year old discipline must nurture their passion and fine-tune their bodies under the expert and skilled tutelage of Dallas Yoga Center instructors and wellness practitioners. In DYC’s peaceful setting, I feel open to stretch my body and mind in ways I never thought possible. I will always be immensely grateful to David Sunshine and his dedicated team. “

Sherry Jaco
Dallas Yoga Center Member Since 2004

“My life has changed in many wonderful and positive ways since I took that first apprehensive step into the lobby of the Dallas Yoga Center, ten years ago. Seeking solace and relief from the burdensome stresses of my financial markets profession, I gradually came to understand that I was on a road of discovery to a healthier and richer life. To date, many enduring friendships and affiliations have come about as a direct result of my active membership at Dallas Yoga Center. It has become a comfortable and nurturing home away from home that I treasure dearly. Thanks to DYC with its expert teachers and caring staff, I now find myself healthier, stronger, more flexible and......most importantly...happier!”
Tom Jaco
Dallas Yoga Center Member Since 2004

“I have been attending classes at DYC for over 11 years, so obviously I am a fan. I tend to think of myself as one of the old-timers -- but then I’ll meet someone at a workshop who has been going there for twice as long as I have. It is a special place that can keep clients coming back for that long.

I’m at DYC a minimum of three times a week – more when I my schedule allows – so being a member makes sense financially. But beyond the money I save, I like being a part of a community that values yoga as much as I do.”

Lisa Dawson
Dallas Yoga Center Member Since 2003

“About a year ago, while looking for a new way to be more physically active I walked into Nicole’s Vinyasa class at DYC. By the time I was back in my car I knew I was hooked. Not only did my body feel amazing, but I also felt centered and peaceful.

While being a member of DYC in the past year, I’ve been able to try different types of classes from the most athletic, like Ashtanga, to the more meditative like Restorative and Yoga Nidra. Each class is taught by an expert teacher that will make you feel safe and comfortable and their ample schedule offering makes it easy to fit yoga into my daily life.”

Ana Gomez Ferstl
Dallas Yoga Center Member Since 2013

“The decision to become a Dallas Yoga Center Member made it easy to come to all the classes I like without the worry of keeping track of my account balance, but more importantly my monthly membership helps ensure the DYC will be able to continue providing Dallas citizens with excellent class and workshop choices. A healthier Dallas is a Happier Dallas :)”

Dallas Yoga Center Since 2012