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Patty Sanders

Patricia Sanders serves on the Board of Directors for the American College of Vedic Astrology™ and is an Online instructor for ACVA as well. Her focus is on personal growth experiences with her individual readings and through teaching astrology workshops and seminars. She has worked in the areas of health, healing and wholeness for over 20 years and incorporates Vedic Astrology Coaching™ into her work with clients. Patty has published research and articles on Vedic Astrology through the ACVA Journal, and the ACVA Newsletters.
Patricia is in private practice at the Dallas Yoga Center and has a world wide clientele connected through telephone and travels.

Schedule an appointment to learn more at www.vedicastrologyservices.com


Nicole Payseur

Nicole took her pranayama off the mat and into the court room. She began to breathe with her opponents to tip the scales of justice and win juicier settlements for her clients, the City of New York and its residents. Now this recovering attorney uses her powers for good: after years of studying with Sarah Willis, a rebel astangini descending from Richard Freeman, Nicole developed an omnivore's palate for all things hatha.


Doing her due diligence, she meticulously amassed over 1,000 hours of independent study all over Manhattan from the Iyengar Institute to Integral Yoga Center before completing Yoga Works' 500 hour teacher training program.

Susan A. Austin
Susan started her yoga practice in college, but after fulfilling that PE requirement, she stopped practicing. The seed, however, had been planted. Susan remained physically active as exercising helped relieve the stress of the practice of law, and litigation specifically. In a continuing effort to stay in shape and mitigate the inevitable signs of the relentless march of time, Susan discovered yoga again, but this time she was ready to really explore the practice.
Susan's analytical outlook and intellectual curiosity has helped her enjoy her practice and the teacher training at DYC. She continues to learn and better understand spiritual, mental, and physical health thru yoga. Susan has also found that, at least on the mat, the march of time is a little slower....
Kay Harris .

Kay loves to explore movement in all forms. She is an avid dancer of salsa and tango and she travels to South America regularly. While visiting Argentina many years ago she realized her calling was to integrate the fluid kinesthetic of Latin dance with the structured focused discipline of classical yoga. She has studied both the Iyengar method as well as Vinyasa Flow and she has graduated from the 200 hr Dallas Yoga Center teacher training program.


Kay’s classes create an energetic, playful and multi-disciplined experience that joyfully embraces the flow as well as the discipline required to obtain strength, openness, and flexibility.

Trey Daniel Bartosh

Trey began the search for the second half of his life's work somewhere between a non-stop career as an architect, builder and historic preservationist, a fall at a job site and eventually major surgery to repair cervical discs. That search led him to yoga and to its healing effects on body, mind and spirit.


With his characteristic energy, enthusiasm and sense of humor, he embarked upon on a journey with yoga to fulfill his potential and to create spaces, both within and without, for miracles .... hmmm, still the builder, but of different castles. Trey completed the 200hr Teacher Training at DYC and is very honored and excited to be a part of the Dallas Yoga Center team.

Anodea Judith
Anodea Judith, Ph.D. has been called “a prophet for our time.” A groundbreaking thought leader who is the founder and director of Sacred Centers, and a writer, therapist, and spiritual teacher. Her passion for the realization of human potential matches her concern for humanity’s impending crises — her fervent wish is that we “wake up in time.” She holds Masters andDoctoral degrees in Psychology and Human Health, is a 500 hour registered yoga teacher (E-RYT), with lifelong studies of psychology, mythology, sociology, history, systems theory, and mystic spirituality.

Anodea Judith integrates both mind and body within a spiritual context by exploring the inner psychology of the Chakra System as a model for transformational healing and personal growth. Since 2010 Anodea has visited DYC to teach yearly workshops designed for yogis and healers of all types who wish to learn new skills, as well as laypeople in the process of their own healing journey. Her classes combine guided trance journeys, yoga asanas for opening the chakras, bioenergetic exercises, and partner work for integrating your process. And her more advanced trainings go to deeper levels with psychological exploration, therapeutic demonstrations, and group process, giving participants a chance to work on their own issues, and to practice these techniques with each other.

Anodea will be teaching the Psychology of the Chakras using her acclaimed book 'Eastern Body Western Mind' in January of 2015.

Stay tuned for more info. Also you can visit her website at http://sacredcenters.com

Linda Sprague
Linda Sprague is certified in Trauma Resolution and Recovery and The Myers Briggs Typology Index and has directed the trauma recovery program at Re-Creating Your Future: A School for Life Skills. She has studied and taught metaphysical subjects for 30 years. Her twenty-year private practice in Dallas includes CPR FOR THE SOUL and GATEWAYS TO SYNCHRONICITY (western astrology and tarot reading for self-understanding).
Schedule an appointment to learn more at www.lindasprague.com
Tias Little
Tias Little brings to his teaching a wonderful play of metaphor and imagination.  He is trained in Iyengar and Ashtanga vinyasa yoga and his perspective clearly reflects the Buddha’s teachings. Tias has been a student of Dzogchen practice of Tibetan Buddhism since 2003 studying with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, and he has practiced Zen meditation since 1992. Tias’ teaching specializes in yoga and anatomy, blending both
Western and Eastern perspectives. He is a licensed massage therapist, has studied extensively in cranial-sacral therapy and Somatics. Tias
earned a Masters degree in Eastern Philosophy from St. John's College. He currently directs Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe New Mexico with his wife Surya and leads yoga intensives both nationally and internationally.
Kathleen Lohr

Kathleen Lohr, LMT, became enchanted with Ayurveda over thirty years ago when a fellow herbalist returned from Nepal and described the exotic form of healthcare practiced there. She immediately became a lifelong student of the world’s original and most expansive holistic health system, never imagining this passion was laying the foundation for her life’s calling. After enjoying careers as an industrial photographer and in the corporate world, Kathleen became licensed in massage in order to prepare for a scholarship in the Sri Sri Ayurveda Six-Month Residential Internship at the Arte de Vivre Ashram in Quebec, Canada. During this excellent and intensive program, she perfected the Ayurvedic Bodywork treatments, Marma Chikitsa and Pancha Karma techniques that form the basis of her work.

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