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Women's Moon Gathering - Feb

This class is taught by:

Linda Sprague

Linda Sprague is certified in Trauma Resolution and Recovery and The Myers Briggs Typology Index and has directed the trauma recovery program at Re-Creating Your Future: A School for Life Skills. She has studied and taught metaphysical subjects for 30 years. Her twenty-year private practice in Dallas includes CPR FOR THE SOUL and GATEWAYS TO SYNCHRONICITY (western astrology and tarot reading for self-understanding).
Schedule an appointment to learn more at www.lindasprague.com

Lauren Margolies

Lauren began practicing yoga nearly 15 years ago as a way to increase flexibility, but it quickly became apparent there was much more to be found. After years of trying many different styles in several studios, she found her deepest connection with a sound-vibration based power practice. This approach connected her to the amazing gift of meditation through asana, which led her to explore other meditation forms & various workshops.

After having two children, as a working mom, the importance of her yoga practice became paramount in helping create harmony in daily life. Through teacher training at the Dallas Yoga Center, Lauren discovered new ways to connect with sound meditation and restorative yoga, which once again shifted her entire perspective and practice. A profound interest in holistic wellness has led her to study Ayurveda, pranayama, aromatherapy & more. Lauren's goal as a teacher is to compassionately guide others to find more balance and peace through yoga and meditation. She hopes everyone can experience deep connection to oneself and pure bliss through any style of practice, yin to yang, and take what they learn with them off the mats.

$20 - Limited Space Available

Michelle Bardwell, Guest Facilitator

“As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breathe out, cherish all beings.” The Dalai Lama

Women’s Moon Gathering at Dallas Yoga Center invites women to take time out for sacred reflection; and for meditation on the cycles of the Moon, on the light that the moon sheds on our inner knowing, and on our connection with each other and all of life.

In February we will explore LOVING ME and LOVING OTHERS. What’s me and what isn’t me? How do we cherish, love and care for ourselves? How do we experience loving others? The Sun traveling through Aquarius brings our attention to our tribe and to humanity. Aquarius Sun is balanced with the moon reaching fullness in the opposite sign of Leo, the sign that rules the heart and the ego identity. How do we bring to balance loving other beings as well as ourselves? This women’s moon gathering offers opportunities for you to get in touch with your unique value and to also extend love to family, friends, and all beings.

Guest Facilitator, Michelle Bardwell, Flower Road Natural Therapies, will share essential oil, Rose, with us to open our hearts and expand our love energy. We will learn about the special power of essential oils for self-care and spiritual centering.

What to expect at this event:

*Astrological information about the month of February
*Oracle cards for personal insight and reflection
*Essential oil experience with Michelle Bardwell.
*Mediation for cherishing self and others


Michelle Bardwell - Registered Aroma Therapist, is a fixture in Dallas’ health and wellness community. Michelle began practicing natural medicine in Dallas in the late nineties. Over the course of ten years, Michelle traveled back and forth from Texas to France to learn about naturopathy from the industry’s leading professors. After garnering a comprehensive education on topics ranging from clinical aromatherapy to lymphatic drainage, Michelle founded Flower Road, an alternative health institute based in Dallas, Texas.

Flower Road is known for a unique treatment method based on the four Hippocratic Temperaments and Pierre Francomme’s chart of the energetic properties of essential oils. Outside of the treatment room, Flower Road offers luxurious and effective skincare that is organic and preservative-free. A gifted and natural teacher, Michelle teaches continuing education classes to aromatherapy professionals and interactive, informative classes to nonprofessionals looking to learn about European-inspired, clinical aromatherapy for daily use.


Linda Sprague - Founder and creator of the SoulCPR process, Linda has dedicated her life for the past three decades to helping people unravel their personal traumas and challenges in order to find their truest self. Linda holds a Masters Degree in Folklore Studies from Indiana University, is certified in Trauma Resolution Therapy, Relief and Recovery and The Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator. Linda is also a practitioner of astrology and metaphysical studies. A public speaker, consultant and SoulCPR Master Guide, Linda works with a wide range of individuals and audiences to help people all over the world find empowerment. Please visit www.lindasprague.com.