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300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Embodied Anatomy &  Somatic Yoga
February 25, 2017 – November 10, 2019

Dallas Yoga Center’s 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is a dynamic, enriching, and interactive learning space designed to deepen not only your yoga practice but also you as a person. We are honored to join together the best international and local DYC instructors to support you on a somatic based yoga journey that brings greater meaning, understanding, inspiration and embodiment to not only your practice and your teaching but also to your way of life. Students will learn to combine Body-Mind Centering® somatic principles with yoga through practice, study, discussion, and teaching. DYC 300 Hour Somatic Yoga Teacher Training gives students an incredible opportunity to take an advanced training that is profoundly transformative.

Are you telling your body what to do in yoga or are you EMBODYING yoga? Dive into the mind and nature of your being and let it move you from the inside out! This training will take you as a yoga practitioner and teacher beyond shape making and scripts and sequencing lists. For curious yoga souls that have a 200 hr Teacher Training that want to go deeper in their practice and life...

The core of the 300 Hr Teacher Training program is based on the Body-Mind Centering® Yoga Immersion Series: Foundations in Embodied Anatomy (FEA) taught at DYC by internationally renown Body-Mind Centering and yoga teachers Lisa Clark and Amy Matthews. This program provides a hands-on, collaborative, laboratory training that explores the Body-Mind connection through the lens of a yoga practice that is deeply rooted in somatic embodiment principles.  DYC senior instructors Carla Rudiger Weaver, Jessica O'Keefe and Paula Weithman teach students further how to authentically inhabit the consciousness of the body systems and the chakras and apply this information to a classroom setting. 

The School for Body-Mind Centering® was founded in 1973 by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Her work in Somatic studies is the inspiration for the Dallas Yoga Center’s 300 Hour Somatic Yoga Teacher Training program. We are indebted to her dedication in developing this somatic path.

7 Month Payment Plan is available!

Early Bird Discount $6460 by Jan 8, 2017  or $7200 after Jan 8, 2017.

Call DYC at 214-443-9642 to sign up or for more information. 

ALL DATES listed below for 300 Hour Embodied Anatomy & Somatic Yoga Teacher Training must be attended to receive certification. 

MODULE 1:                                                                                                      

Jan 20-22, 2017             FEA Part 1 - Support & Container: Skeletal System                  

Feb 25-26, 2017            
Somatic lab work & teaching practicum    

April 21-23, 2017           FEA Part 2 - Support & Container: Skeletal System                 

MODULE 2:                                                                                                         

August 4-6, 2017            FEA Part 1 - Contents & Container : Organs & Fascia               
Sept 30-Oct 1, 2017       
Somatic lab work & teaching practicum    

Nov 10-12, 2017             FEA Part 2 - Contents & Container : Organs & Fascia               

MODULE 3:                                                                                                      
Jan 5-7, 2018                  FEA Part 1 - Homeostasis : Endocrine, Nervous & Immune   

Feb 24-25, 2018             
Somatic lab work & teaching practicum   

April 20-22, 2018            FEA Part 2 - Homeostasis : Endocrine, Nervous & Immune    


MODULE 4:                                                                                                    

August 3-5, 2018             FEA Part 1  - Process :  Cells, Breath, Embryology                        

Sept 29-30, 2018            
Somatic lab work & teaching practicum                       

Nov 9-11, 2018                FEA Part 2 - Process :  Cells, Breath, Embryology                       


MODULE 5:                                                                                                     

Jan 4-6, 2019                    FEA Part 1 - Movement : Fluids, Muscles

Feb 23-24, 2019               
Somatic lab work & teaching practicum      

April 26-28, 2019              FEA Part 2 - Movement : Fluids, Muscles                                     
May 18-19, 2019              
Somatic lab work & teaching practicum     

MODULE 6:                                                                                                       

Aug 2-4, 2019                    FEA Part 1 - Synthesis: Diaphragms, Breath, Sound                 
Oct 11-13, 2019                 FEA Part 2 - Synthesis: Diaphragms, Breath, Sound                

Nov 9-10, 2019                 
Somatic lab work & teaching practicum   

Hours :
FEA sessions with Lisa & Amy will be from 9am-4pm.

All Somatic lab work sessions will be from 12pm-5pm.

* Learn to listen, observe and connect with students in a deeply felt embodied way so that you can help your students discover their own movement potential and resources for support.

* Develop your own sense of embodiment and understanding of somatic principles through in class somatization, observations and presentations. These will also allow you to engage with yourself and students from compassion and deep listening.

* Explore the somatic psychology of the chakra system and how to apply embodiment principles to Body-Mind Integration during two weekend immersions with Senior DYC instructor Paula Weithman. In a supportive group environment, Paula will guide a deeply enriching investigation of the chakra system from the perspective of somatic psychotherapy that includes journaling, mirroring, and body reading.

* Experience somatic exercises which will allow students to observe cellular memory patterns and experience being connected to oneself and others in new ways.  By witnessing thoughts/feelings together and allowing them to be acknowledged without judgment, students will learn to release the tension of old holding patterns and to relax into a deeper connectivity.

* Teachers are always faced with all sorts of bodies and situations, and to be a skillful teacher we are practicing choice. DYC 300 Hour advanced training strengthens your ability to choose what is applicable in the moment as opposed to aligning the moment with a system, or by prescribing or fixing through a particular technique.

For more info click on the FEA program link: http://www.dallasyogacenter.com/foundations-in-embodied-anatomy

All 200 Hour trained yoga teachers from various backgrounds are welcome on this journey of questioning and discovery. DYC's 300 Hour Somatic Yoga Teacher Training is a space to come for heartfelt exploration, deep inquiry, and exciting ‘aha moments’ grounded in the joys and challenges of daily living. In addition to the EAY weekend modules, students will take 7 separate weekend workshops on somatic yoga led by senior DYC instructors Carla Rudiger Weaver, Jessica O’Keefe and Paula Weithman. Our faculty are highly trained guides that are committed to providing you an in-depth experience, an authentic relationship to teaching and a profound connection to the wisdom and practice of somatic yoga

Students will develop a stronger ability to see with and teach from more depth of understanding and awareness. The experience of creating and articulating the information for a student’s body will deepen your understanding and take you further into the process of your own embodiment. And you will come away with a better more sophisticated and subtler understanding of the body’s natural intelligence along with a greater precision in language and confidence to teach the body’s inherent evolutionary developmental movement patterns. 

Taught by the following Senior DYC Instructors:


Carla Rudiger Weaver - 300 Hr. Teacher Training Manager

Carla has 20 years of experience guiding people in yoga, therapeutic and creative movement. Her vast knowledge of the human body as an integrated organic whole is drawn from her study of yoga, meditation and Body Mind Centering® as well as her rich background as a professional modern dancer in NYC.

Her teaching style and practice are influenced by Vinyasa style Hatha yoga with alignment based principles. Carla also draws from her dance background coordinating movement and breath to help students approach their yoga practice in a thoughtful and intelligent way. Carla leads special workshops in somatic movement education and training and is an instructor in the DYC's Teacher Training programs.

 WEB DYC25-144      

Jessica O'Keefe  

Jessica O’Keefe E-RYT 500, has 20 years of experience guiding people in yoga and movement education. Her understanding of yoga and the human body has been influenced by Body Mind Centering, modern dance, dance therapy, and holistic health.
Jessica assists her students in knowing the joy and wonderment of integrating the mind and body. She encourages an authentic and life-nurturing practice, one that brings greater consciousness to each moment and each movement of the body.
Jessica has taught workshops throughout the United States. She also teaches the 300 Hour Somatic Yoga  Teacher Training at the Dallas Yoga Center. Jessica has been training students to become teachers since 2005.

Since the birth of her son in 2008, Jessica has developed a specific line of research focused on the pelvic floor and women’s health.

Her teaching always remains committed to a sense of ease and acceptance.

Jessica is ever grateful for her students and many teachers.

WEB DYC25-118

Paula Weithman

Paula uses a mindfulness based practice to guide students into a place of receptivity that develops sensitivity, intuition and self-acceptance. Paula has a background in counseling, rehab and bodywork. She has been practicing yoga regularly since 1982 and meditates using the Pureland Buddhist tradition. Her yoga background is diverse and she continues to study with senior teachers believing a beginner's mind is a fresh mind.

Paula believes that yoga is a medicine for the body as well as the mind, and she incorporates her background as a yoga therapist and mindfulness based psychotherapist into her private practice.

She has training through the Iyengar tradition, certified at the Intermediate Jr.2 level, and the Scarvelli method through Namaste International, and is registered at the 500 hour level with Yoga Alliance.


Once 6 month of the training is completed, students will be eligible to teach a community somatic yoga class at DYC. Classes will be taught on a rotating schedule. This is an incredible opportunity that provides students with a SEVA based teaching experience and students will not be compensated for their class.

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To apply please answer the following questions and email to 300hrteachertraining@dallasyogacenter.com

Why do you teach yoga?

What is your background and experience with yoga? Please include workshops, retreats and trainings. How many years have you been teaching yoga? 

Why do you want to take DYC 300 hr advanced training? What do you hope to receive from it? What are your expectations and goals?

What styles of yoga do you personally teach and why?

Describe your asana and pranayama practice. What is your inversion and backbend practice like?

Have you ever studied or practiced meditation?

What is your educational and professional background outside of yoga?

Please describe the most challenging moment you’ve experienced as a yoga teacher in the past 12 months. What did you learn from this experience?

Please briefly describe any training you have had in the fields of anatomy or physiology.

Please describe any special medical concerns you have. Are you currently taking any medications? Please tell us about any past injuries and /or surgeries.

To register please answer application questions and send to Carla Rudiger Weaver, DYC 300 Hr Teacher Training Manager, at Carla@dallasyogacenter.com 

Within two weeks of receiving your application your will receive a response. 

All training must be completed in time frame listed - no extensions and no refunds for uncompleted sessions.